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Welcome to medTec Systems, the leaders in sustainable healthcare innovation. Explore our range of Hypothermia Products, Sterilization Wraps, and Antimicrobial Medwear designed for enhanced patient safety and eco-conscious medical care. Discover how we’re weaving safety with sustainability for the healthcare sector.

At medTec Systems, we are committed to improving patient safety cost-effectively by promoting innovative and rigorously tested products that are compliant with the specifications of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR (EU) 2017/745) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and other applicable standards.

Our mission is to provide innovative products for the military and civil healthcare sector that are high quality, sustainable in production, application, and disposal, and at the same time fairly priced, functional, and comfortable.

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We emphasize the highest quality standards to meet the demands of the medical environment.

Our hypothermia products, antimicrobial workwear and antimicrobial sterilization wraps help increase safety and comfort for both medical staff and patients. Our products help you achieve higher standards, conserve resources and save costs at the same time.

About us

Improving patient safety cost-effectively.

medTec Systems excels in providing innovative, cost-saving functional hospital uniforms and textiles as well as multilayer warming products for health, care and emergency services. We focus on enhancing patient safety, keeping high quality and sustainability always in mind.


Years of expertise in health and care.

We provide individual support and specialized solutions for hospital, care, emergency and military. For your individual requirements and solutions our Sales Managers will be happy to advise you.

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Military Rescue Team with Xtreme hypothermia bag in use
medical warming blanket for rescue situation
hypothermia warming blanket and medical cap
Emergency Team using a hypothermia warming blanket
Medical assistant using hypothermia warming blanket