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Urgent emergency situations require simple, effective solutions.  

In the medical field, emergency services, and military operations, the risk of hypothermia is a constant concern. Our product range for protection against external temperature fluctuations and maintaining normothermia includes options for a variety of applications – from emergency blankets for medical and emergency response to specialized gear for military personnel exposed to extreme conditions.

Our products are designed to reduce the risk of hypothermia from the moment of application. There are an essential tool in a variety of scenarios – from medical procedures to emergency responses and military operations. This is not only crucial during surgical interventions but also in various medical treatments, the critical postoperative phase, and field operations where maintaining body temperature is vital.

medTec Systems passive warming products – no more need for expensive electronic active warming systems.

Three Points COST SAVING with passive warming products

Effective Temperature management before, during and after surgical treatments is essential to improve positive outcome. Temperature management should be easy to handle and inexpensive.

  • Thermal envelope in a short time! Passive warming systems create a thermal envelope around the patient in a short time by storing up to 95 percent of the emitted heat.
  • No additional costs! Electronic equipment and power source are not required.
  • Quick warming up of patient saves costly OT-time. Warming up by self-warming 30 min compared to 60 min with forced warming system (heat loss by 50 % due to circulation)
  • Save Money and ensure the supply – especially in low-cost countries and in crisis areas without electricity.
  • “Comparable performance of pre-heated passive warming blanket as active warming product in PACU period.” *
  • “Cost saving for each patient just for postoperative warming:  £5,30 ($6,60)” *

*Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Hull, Kingston upon Hull, UK

Hypothermia Product-Features Overview

Extensive clinical benefits

Clinical trials show that maintaining core temperature before, during and after surgery gives a high improved patient outcome, reduces the risk of a surgical site infection and aids general recovery times. 

Key features

  • Instant passive warming with zero energy or prep. 
  • Features: 6-layered, 2mm-thin, durable, radiolucent laminate. 
  • Traps patient’s heat, forming a thermal shell. 
  • Reduces heat loss by 95%. 
  • Unlike active systems that warm after cooling, Thermarmour proactively prevents hypothermia. 
  • Superior to foil blankets: Not just heat retention, but also enables patient warming.

Ward Station - using hypothermia medical warming blanket


THERMARMOUR® products effectively protect patients from inadvertent hypothermia and its negative impacts, while also enhancing comfort and aiding recovery. They provide a straightforward solution to maintain patients‘ normothermia from the time of consent until complete recuperation.

Emergency Solutions - Medical Warming Blanket


Whether embarking on a solo hike or serving in an emergency response team, our products like the emergency thermal blanket or the emergency Poncho prove highly effective in urgent scenarios where swiftly restoring yourself or those under your care to a normothermic state is critical.

THERMARMOUR Xtreme Hypothermia Bag


There are multiple uses for THERMARMOUR products in military settings. Ranging from treating battlefield injuries to combating severe cold conditions, THERMARMOUR offers protection against hypothermia for soldiers, civilians, and injured persons alike.

More about Hypothermia Warming Products


  • Laminat optimized for maximum reflexion and retention of body heat
  • Applicable in X-ray, CT or MRI environment
  • Latex-free, low linting, tear-resistant, recycable


  • Standard trauma equipment for rescue units, emergency organizations, police, military, active services in conflict zones
  • Almost all hospital areas
  • Emergency 
  • Surgical pre-, intra, postoperative 
  • Recovery room (PACU)
  • Neonatal areas
  • General ward use


  • No noise from fans and controllers
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, no pressure on the patient
  • Quick and uncomplicated application
  • Compress-packed, Easy storage


  • Cosy, skin-friendly inner Layer
  • Calming effect for the patient
  • Improves the patient´s sense of well-being


  • Low-cost warming system in purchase and use
  • No running costs from changing contaminated filters and reconditioning for next use
  • Saves time of clinical staff
  • Reduces time spent in the recovery room


  • Universal use as blanket, pad, pouch wrap, carrying device 
  • Suitable for extremities and body surfaces difficult to warm actively  
  • Can be folded or cut without loss of function


  • No warming of surrounding environment and unintended temperature peaks
  • No hazardous dispersion of germs or particles through air disturbance
  • No risk of interference with ECG monitoring 
  • No risk of technical failures
  • No risk of contact with bare skin
  • No functional loss due to damaged packaging


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