Military hypothermia bag forest for military search and rescue teams
Military Solutions for hypothermia warming blankets Material Layers
Military Poncho for rescue teams and military personal

Hypothermia in Emergency Situations

Urgent emergency situations need simple solutions that work. THERMARMOUR can decrease the risk of hypothermia from the moment it is applied.

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Any trauma casualty will begin to feel the effects of hypothermia. THERMARMOUR Blanket or Poncho should be given to the casualty immediately. This will begin the warming process whilst they are undergoing the initial assessment process.

The casualty is to remain wrapped in the blanket or poncho during transition to the medical centre.

Situations that THERMARMOUR could be effective:

Ambulance Services, First Responders, Fire Service, Police Force, Search & Rescue Organisations, Coast Guard, RNLI

Thermarmour Xtreme Hypothermia Bag used by Military teams to prevent hypothermia

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Xtreme hypothermia military bag

Xtreme Hypothermia Bag

THERMARMOUR Military Poncho

Military Poncho


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