Dedicated to safety of patients and medical staff

Three Points Improving Patient Safety Cost-Effectively

At medTec Systems, you will discover highly developed functional textiles and warming products that redefine safety and efficiency in healthcare and emergency services. Innovative solutions for cost-saving and sustainable patient care.

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Our mission: Safety and innovation

As sought-after experts, we focus on the development of innovative, health-supporting functional textiles and warming products that revolutionize the health and rescue sector. We stand for products that are both cost-saving and sustainable – a promise to our customers and our planet.

Our philosophy: Best solutions for people, efficiency and environment

1. Innovative Products
We offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of patients and medical professionals.

2. Cost Savings
Using our products can help healthcare facilities reduce costs without compromising quality.

3. Sustainability
We utilize wherever possible eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize the ecological footprint of our products in production, use and disposal.

4. Perfect Service
Our processes are excellently organized and fully digitalized to ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience.

medTec Systems: Your highly appreciated, indispensable ally

We we are constantly working to advance medTec Systems as an top-notch organized and digitized company to provide customer service under all circumstances quickly, cost-effectively and reliably, thus becoming a highly appreciated and indispensable ally for customers internationally. 

Join us on the journey to safer and more cost-effective healthcare. Discover what medTec Systems can do for you. Get in touch with us today to improve patient outcome and comfort.

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Our products for better hygiene and patient safety!

At medTec Systems, we focus on innovation, sustainability and the highest quality standards to meet the needs of the medical environment. Our Hypothermia Warming Products, Sterilization Wraps and Antimicrobial Workwear, as well as our, help improve safety and comfort for both medical staff and patients. Explore our product lines and let us show you the benefits of our high-quality. Trust medTec Systems to create a healthier and safer environment in medical facilities.

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Hypothermia products

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Antimicrobial sterilisation wraps

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Antimicrobial uniforms

With an efficacy of up to 99.9%, our products curb germ proliferation on garments. They curb the dissemination of hospital-related microbes, safeguarding both patients and staff, and limit the transfer of germs to our surroundings.

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