Innovative products for hypothermia prevention and antimicrobial textiles

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At medTec Systems, we focus on innovation, sustainability and the highest quality standards to meet the needs of the medical environment. Our hypothermia warming products and sterilization wraps, as well as our antimicrobial uniforms and drapes, help improve safety and comfort for both medical staff and patients.

Explore our product line and let us show you the benefits of our high-quality textiles. Trust medTec Systems to create a healthier and safer environment in medical facilities.

Our medical products

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Hypothermia products

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Antimicrobial sterilisation wraps

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Antimicrobial uniforms

With an efficacy of up to 99.9%, our products curb germ proliferation on garments. They curb the dissemination of hospital-related microbes, safeguarding both patients and staff, and limit the transfer of germs to our surroundings.

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