Military Poncho

THERMARMOUR Military Poncho

Layer Military Blanket

Non-conductive bi-laminate foil u0026 needle punched polyester fleece, olive green outer 9 White inner

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Military Poncho – ideal for


  • Military personnel
  • Outdoor enthusiasts

Performance characteristics

  • Standalone 
  • Recycable
  • Showerproof
  • One size fit most
  • Can be cut to fit the patient or access to injury

Order-Nr.: WPM230031

The Military Poncho helps to protect injured or shocked personnel as soon as assistance arrives. The addition of a hood also helps to avoid heat loss from the head. Longer length than the Emergency Poncho, this covers more of the legs and provides more protection to the body. Hypothermia is a major contributor to morbidity and mortality within trauma victims. THERMARMOUR will help by alleviating this heat loss and allow the casualty to begin to return to a normothermic state without introducing an active heat source.

Xtreme hypothermia military bag

Xtreme Hypothermia Bag

THERMARMOUR Military Poncho

Military Poncho


Unfolded: 82cm x 190cm
Packed: 32cm x 23cm x 4cm
Weight: 520 grams

Quantity: 50 pcs
Size: 58cm x 40cm x 45,5cm
Weight: 13 kg 

Quantity: 10 Cartons 
500 Ponchos
Total weight: 336 kg


  1. Outer Foil: Non-conductive, soft-touch, waterproof & windproof.
  2. Central Foil: Reflective & insulating with low emissivity.
  3. Inner Foil: Adds strength & acts as a moisture barrier.
  4. Thermal Fleece: Ensures optimal airflow & minimal linting.


  1. Outer Layer: Waterproof, durable & fire-resistant.
  2. Central: Incorporates THERMARMOUR features.
  3. Inner: Soft touch with added strength & structure.

Both systems prioritize maintaining human normothermia at 37°C. Whether in mild or extreme environments, Thermarmour guarantees protection and comfort.


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