Xtreme Hypothermia Military Bag

Xtreme Hypothermia Bag Layers

Military Rescue Team with Xtreme hypothermia bag in use

Xtreme Hypothermia Bag with carabiner and rope for rescue teams

military hypothermia bag - small package - Extremely robust outer shell for harsh conditions and rough ground

Xtreme Hypothermia Bag - harness for dragging by 1 person

Hypothermia Xtreme bag - easy to open and close

Movie Military Bag Data sheet on request

The Military Bag – ideal for


  • Military 
  • Search & Rescue Teams
  • Mountain rescue
  • Sea rescue
  • Disaster aid
  • First responders

Performance characteristics

  • 8-Layer reinforced composite material
  • Extremely robust outer shell for harsh conditions and rough ground
  • Padded base layer for additional patient protection 
  • Replacable full-length incontinence pad 
  • Strategically positioned openings with Velcro for easy access to injury
  • Eight lifting straps, tested tensile load up to 260 kg
  • Harness for dragging by 1 person
  • Military Bag – Washable, reusable

Olive: WPM230030
Signal: WPE230023

Specially designed emergency/rescue casualty military bag that offers excellent insulation properties to protect against wind, rain, and the cold. It has the strength to be lifted and move casualties in a hostile environment. Manufactured incorporating THERMARMOUR Xtreme fabric. The outer of the fabric repels and sheds water to expedite the drying process whilst maintaining insulation properties even when wet. It has strategically placed openings that allow easy access, for treatment of the patient, without compromising the integrity of the fabric. Tested in the Arctic regions of Finland and the Antarctic continent.

Xtreme hypothermia military bag

Xtreme Hypothermia Bag

THERMARMOUR Military Poncho

Military Poncho


Unfolded: 230cm x 56cm
Packed: 51cm x 53cm x 8cm
Weight: 3,6 kg

Quantity: 4 pcs
Size: 58cm x 40cm x 45,5cm
Weight: 14,5 kg  

Quantity: 20 Cartons 
80 Bags
Total weight: 301 kg


  1. Outer Foil: Non-conductive, soft-touch, waterproof & windproof.
  2. Central Foil: Reflective & insulating with low emissivity.
  3. Inner Foil: Adds strength & acts as a moisture barrier.
  4. Thermal Fleece: Ensures optimal airflow & minimal linting.


  1. Outer Layer: Waterproof, durable & fire-resistant.
  2. Central: Incorporates THERMARMOUR features.
  3. Inner: Soft touch with added strength & structure.

Both systems prioritize maintaining human normothermia at 37°C. Whether in mild or extreme environments, Thermarmour guarantees protection and comfort.


How to use:

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