Hand warming pouch

Hypothermia hand warming pouch

Hypothermia hand warming pouch

Hypothermia hand warming pouch

Provides strength u0026 a moisture barrier.

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Ideal for


  • Warming of hands and feet in preparation for cannulation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Raynaud´s syndrom
  • Paramedics

Performance characteristics

  • Instantely warms hands and feet without any other measures
  • Veins easier to find after about 10 minutes

Order-Nr.: WBE230016

The emergency hand warming pouch, which can be used as Raynaud’s hand warmers, helps to protect the patient’s hands from further exposure to cold. This is important in the case of a Raynaud’s episode. The protection from further cold exposure is also useful while a patient waits for further assistance, for example, after an accident. The emergency hand warming pouch alleviates heat loss and assists the patient’s hands in returning to a normothermic state. The pouch can be pre-warmed in a blanket warmer in preparation, although it is perfectly efficient without pre-warming. It is shower-proof, lightweight and easy to carry around. It measures 33cm long with a side opening that measures 25cm wide.

Unfolded: 33cm x 25cm
Packed: 33cm x 25cm x 0,5cm
Weight: 28 grams

Quantity: 25 pcs
Size: 40cm x 32cm x 30cm
Weight: 0,7 kg 

Quantity: 45 Cartons 
1125 Pouches
Total weight: 42,5 kg


  1. Outer Foil: Non-conductive, soft-touch, waterproof & windproof.
  2. Central Foil: Reflective & insulating with low emissivity.
  3. Inner Foil: Adds strength & acts as a moisture barrier.
  4. Thermal Fleece: Ensures optimal airflow & minimal linting.


  1. Outer Layer: Waterproof, durable & fire-resistant.
  2. Central: Incorporates THERMARMOUR features.
  3. Inner: Soft touch with added strength & structure.

Both systems prioritize maintaining human normothermia at 37°C. Whether in mild or extreme environments, Thermarmour guarantees protection and comfort.


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Hypothermia hand warming pouch

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